NewerTech Announces PRAM/Clock Battery for 17” PowerBook G4

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NewerTech announced Thursday the NewerTech NuPower PRAM/Clock Battery for 17" PowerBook G4 models with clock speeds of 1.5GHz - 1.67GHz. This is a replacement battery for those whose PowerBooks are starting to forget the date and time between shutdown and startup.

The PRAM/Clock is an internal battery in computers that also maintains other settings when computers are powered down, and they do eventually fail. NewerTech offers a line of such batteries, with each specific to a particular model, hence the specificity of the PowerBook model for today's announcement.

You can find this battery line through Other World Computing's Web site, NewerTech's distributor. The battery is priced at US$29.95.

NewerTech NuPower PRAM/Clock Battery
NewerTech NuPower PRAM/Clock Battery


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The replacement instructions on show the USB board and the PRAM battery as one sole assembly. I’m just trying to figure out just how one goes about replacing the battery but not the USB board. Are the two separable?

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