NewerTech Intros NuGuard Case for iPad 2

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NewerTech announced the immediate availability of the NuGuard GripStand multi-purpose case and desktop stand for Apple’s second generation iPad on Friday. The case is designed to fit the iPad 2 and offers what the company calls an ergonomic hand grip.

NuGuard GripStand for iPad 2NuGuard GripStand for iPad 2

The NuGuard GripStand includes a hard plastic shell with a shock-absorbing rubber liner, along with a removable hook-shaped desktop stand that swivels 360 degrees and also serves as a wall mount. The case is available in black or white.

NuGuard GripStand desktop standNuGuard GripStand desktop stand

The NuGuard GripStand for the iPad 2 is priced at US$29.99, or $39.99 with the GripBase desktop stand.

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this sounds like a great product… and a good price. what is the finish on it like, i wonder.



Many thanks for the heads up on this product. I agree with canadianMacguy, it appears to be a great product reasonably priced, and I might just try it out once my iPad2 finally arrives. It seems we cannot get away from the desktop computer motif, in which this stand renders the iPad not unlike an iMac, if one uses a bluetooth keyboard.

If you visit the NewerTech site, you’ve got to love the caption beneath the photo: ‘Apple iPad not included’.

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