Newly Announced iPads, iPad minis in Short Supply

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The online Apple store is now showing a 1-week delay in shipping for the 4th generation iPad. The delay applies to all colors and configurations of the device. The iPad mini, introduced just a week ago, also sold out quickly and has been showing a 2-week delay in shipping since Monday morning.

Apple Store screenshot showing delayed shipping times

Fourth-generation iPad shipping now delayed one week

Customers who got their orders in early for the new iPads should receive their units as scheduled, but new orders are being pushed back slightly. It is anticipated that there will be some available inventory at both Apple retail stores and their cellular partners' stores on launch day this Friday.

Both new iPads utilize the Lightning connector. The Lightning to 30-pin Adapters, which will allow these new devices to interconnect with older accessories, are also delayed by 5-7 days. Smart Covers for the iPad mini, however, have been shipping, with many customers having reported receiving theirs already.

[thanks to Apple Insider for the heads-up]

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XSemper Idem5

What about purchasing in store? I won’t be able to go to an Apple store until late last week.
It’s the 16GB iPad mini in the slate color that I’m concerned with.

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