newPCgadgets Offers Locking Case for iPad

A company called newPCgadgets announced Thursday the release of four new iPad accessories, including The Security Case ($44.95), which offers users a small combination lock when closing the case. Aimed at students taking their iPads to school, the case is intended to keep roommates, dorm-buddies, and friends off your iPad without permission.

The company also announced The Vanity Plate ($12.95) for labelling your iPad. The engraved plate is intended to be added to a case and includes contact information in case your iPad is found by someone honest enough to return it. For a stand, newPCgadgets announced The Pedestal Base ($29.95), an acrylic base that holds your iPad at an angle suitable for trying.

Lastly, the firm announced The Clasp ($9.95), a device for owners of Apple’s leather iPad case that allows the case to be latched close. It comes with a removable adhesive strip of Velcro for non-permanent attaching to the case.

All four products are available at the newPCGgadgets Web site at the above links.

newPCgadgets iPad Accessories

In clockwise order: The Security Case, The Vanity Plate, The Pedestal Base, and The Clasp