News Corp. Shakes Up MySpace Management

News Corp. has announced the resignation of MySpace CEO Chris DeWolfe, while President Tom Anderson is expected to assume "a new role" at the social networking site, which remains popular but has seen its position erode as Facebook aggressively grows its user base.

According to IDG, DeWolfe will continue to serve on MySpace China's board of directors and will remain a "strategic advisor" to the company. A replacement was not announced.

The article also cited December 2009 Nielsen Online statistics showing Facebook had 108.3 million unique visitors worldwide, while MySpace trailed with 81 million. In addition, comScore's latest numbers show MySpace's unique visitors in the U.S. dropping from 88.3 million in March 2008 to 85.1 million last month; Facebook leaped from 36 million to 61.2 million over the same span. Facebook has also seen larger growth in time spent by users.