News Corp Hires Viacom Exec for iPad Newspaper

Greg Clayman is leaving his position as Viacom’s head of digital distribution to join manage business operations for the upcoming iPad-specific newspaper from News Corp., according to AllThingsD.

“Throughout his tenure at MTVN, Greg worked hard to get our content launched on every new and relevant platform, and make our programming among the most widely distributed in the world,” MTV Network Executive, Judy McGrath, told staff in an internal memo. “He was respected by all his colleagues for his innovative approach and collaborative spirit.”

News Corp. doesn’t have a name yet for its iPad-based news service, but plans to launch the publication appear to be well underway. New York Post Executive Editor, Jesse Angelo, is already on board, too, handling the publication’s editorial role.

The News Corp. iPad news publication will be subscription-based, just like traditional print newspapers. The company hasn’t, however, said when it plans to launch its new digital news service.