News Corp to Launch National, General-Interest Newspaper for Mobile Devices

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News Corp. has announced plans to launch a national newspaper for mobile devices such as the iPad and iPhone. The L.A. Times reported that the company wants to create a general-interest, digital-only newspaper with “short, snappy” articles designed to appeal to a new generation of news consumers.

The newspaper would be run under the auspices of News Corp’s tabloid daily, The New York Post, and would be managed by The Post’s managing editor, Jesse Angelo. The company plans on staffing the new venture with several dozen reporters and editors.

“We’ll have young people reading newspapers,” News Corp CEO Rupert Murdoch said during a conference call. “It’s a real game changer in the presentation of news.”

News Corp., which also owns The Wall Street Journal, Fox News, and various other media properties, has been vocal about its desire to turn online distribution into a money-making venture that is sustainable and profitable.

News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch

News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch

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Oh NO!!!  Is Fox"News”, now about to take over the iPad, also?

That question will boil down to this:  “Are the ?40% of US TV news watchers who primarily rely on “FoxSpews” for their daily (so-called) news and/or those who buy The NY Post (scumrag) actually intelligent enough to have and use iPads?”  (They sure seem nearly mindless to me, anyway).  Hopefully, no - there won’t be enough of them using iPads to make a go of Rupert’s latest campaign against civilized society.


Yeah, more right-wing prevarications, obfuscations, misleading stories blown-out-of-proportion, and outright lies. I too would like to think iPad, iPod & iPhone users are smarter than that, but I’m not naive. Lots of Wall St Journal readers use these devices too.


Wow, it’s so “high brow” to use words like “FoxSpews”, “Scumrag”, “Obfuscations” and “Right-wing prevarications.” That’s the best part of liberalism. Being blind to reality and substituting your own if you don’t like the one that’s in front of you. I’m gonna guess neither one of you trolls has ever watched Fox News or read the Wall Street Journal for more than five minutes.

It’s a shame. You preach tolerance and compassion, yet all I hear come out of the liberal mouth is hate and intolerance. If it’s not about getting high, getting laid or “what can you do for ME today…,” then you simply don’t agree with anyone. The rest of America doesn’t like you. Get over it. After 60 years, we’re done!

Towards the story…. some might not like the man but he’s got a nose for news and knows how to turn a profit. To state the obvious, if the content is slanted, it will cater only to a select few. If it stays general-interest, then it will probably fall in line with all the others. Where Murdoch’s companies excel is in presentation. How far can they take it?

It has to be something special for people to return. Look how Wired’s digital edition is unique but even they are seeing a fall off in eyeballs since they launched.


Being blind to reality and substituting your own if you don?t like the one that?s in front of you. I?m gonna guess neither one of you trolls has ever…

You preach tolerance and compassion, yet all I hear come out of the liberal mouth is hate and intolerance . . .

Sorry cisbell, almost ALL people substitute their worldview for reality. Most have trouble adapting their worldview even when confronted by a changing world.

Second, it didn’t take you five minutes to intolerantly (and hatefully?) read my post and label me a liberal and a troll. Are you really listening to “liberals” If all you hear is intolerance and hate? I suspect not. Are those who disagree with you (whom you seem to call liberals) really blind if they see beyond base emotions like fear and greed, and instead construct a worldview comprised of justice, rule of law, honesty, respect, equality, compassion, etc? 

Third, surely you don’t expect intelligent people to not notice when Murdoch’s media omit key facts and emphasize the remaining ones to support one point of view. There is 2/3 of the actual political spectrum to the left of Murdoch’s “news.”  Are all those folks liberals? Even Republicans who are not as far to the right?

I’m not drinking that kool-aid. Are you?


iBuck, you made my point for me. I don’t even have to say any more. Ignorance is bliss. LMAO.

I’m done with this thread. This isn’t a political chat forum as you and BurmaYank see to think. Those who see with one eye can’t see the full picture. Enjoy your narrow view and unrealistic ideals my friend.


Oh great. Now we’re going to get dumbed down news from a dumbed down organization.

But regardless of the content, are they actually going to be doing something innovative in terms of their app?


Fox News (and The Wall Street Journal) will definitely not be overtaking the iPad, for much of the world supplements its ‘worldview’ with the support of constructive news.

I have no bone to pick with Rupert Murdock and his angle on media. He seems little more than an aggressive, compliant facsimile of the other major Usn networks, producing vacuous, insular chatter in the extreme. Fortunately, with an internet connexion, none has to be invited to supper.

There’s a world of real news and discussion - that doesn’t thrive on hate and parochial interests - that a few years ago could only be had on shortwave and onion paper. The i family has made the company of perceptive intelligence a possibility to anyone who admires discussion over the ranting rhubarb which plunders any perceivable thought or reflection from these benighted media.


Rupert Murdoch is eighty more years old, but he’s not old fashion yet. It’s a smarter way for publishing and a smarter business for News Corp. The tablet pc and smartphones had changed the market of publishing.

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