Newsweek (Probably) Found Bitcoin Inventor Satoshi Nakamoto

Newsweek reporter Leah McGrath Goodman has done something that has eluded everyone else—she found Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator and father of Bitcoin. And guess what? His name is actually Satoshi Nakamoto, and he's a 64-year old reclusive genius who hasn't touched his $400 million in Bitcoin holdings.

I say she found him, and it would be more accurate to say she probably found him. In a detailed piece for Newsweek, Ms. Goodman put together a lot of circumstantial evidence that shows Mr. Nakamoto has the technical chops to have lead development of cryptocurrency, and she found family members who said he'd never admit to being the Satoshi Nakamoto, but fell short of saying that is that person. Better yet, they may or may not know for sure.

Newsweek Cover

That's because the Mr. Nakamoto she found is reclusive, doesn't get along all that well with some of his family (who are also engineers and math whizzes), and goes to great lengths to protects his privacy. That last bit is another circumstantial data point, as the Bitcoin founder went to equally great lengths to protect his identity.

In fact, it's the secrecy that has surrounded his identity that has contributed to so much interest in that identity. It's like a giant feedback loop that has sparked speculation that Mr. Nakamoto was multiple people, some government or banking organization, or an evil super genius who wanted to bring down the world's financial institutions.

Nope. If Ms. Goodman is right, he's just brilliant recluse who is a massive model train enthusiast—he machines and lathes his own parts—who saw a better and more equitable way to conduct financial transactions. Check out the full story for a lot more information.