Next iPad to Sport Matte Display, not Glossy

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Apple may finally be moving away from its love for glossy displays for and go with an anti-glare coating that cuts down on glare. Sources claim 9.7-inch iPad production is already underway for a fall launch, and the 7.9-inch iPad mini update will follow later this year.

Apple's next iPad may ship with a non-glare displayApple's next iPad may ship with a non-glare display

Sources speaking with Bloomberg said Apple is going with a non-glare display for easier reading. They also said initial availability may be limited when the new iPad ships because of production issues related to the anti-glare coating.

Apple hasn't dropped any hints about what to expect from the next iPad refresh -- or when to expect an announcement. The company has shifted to fall iPad launches, so it's likely we'll see new models in time for the holiday buying season.

Sources tagged September 9 for a special media event where Apple will introduce updated iPhone models with larger displays. Apple hasn't confirmed the event yet, or said if it plans to make any announcements about the iPad or the rumored iWatch.

The iWatch is said to be Apple's first move into the wearable tech market and is expected to be available before the end of the year. Rumors point to a device loaded with sensors designed to track overall health and fitness levels in a fashionable wristwatch design, but so far there haven't been any parts leaks to back up those reports.

Assuming Apple is planning on updating the iPad with a non-glare display, plus introduce the iWatch, and release bigger screen iPhones, this fall will be busy with new product announcements. If so, that'll make for a nice change compared to the the year so far where Apple hasn't had any significant product announcements.

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Anti-glare iPad screens sound great. How about bringing that back to the MacBook Pro, too?

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Agreed. I love my MacBook Pro but screen glare can be very annoying. Same with my iPad Air, works great but don’t plan on using it outside with a bright sky behind you.

I wonder though how a matte screen would impact resolution, Retina displays and all that.


Maybe they are talking about a non reflective coating rather than a matte screen?

Lee Dronick

Good point Geoduck. A matte surface would probably be harder to keep clean.


Yes ! MacBook Pros with Anti Glare / Matte screens is what I too wish for - Hope Tim& Jony do read this and the request of a million others !


Bloomberg called it “an anti-reflection coating.”

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