Next iPhone to be Even More Retina

Rumors say the next iPhone will have an even higher resolution displayApple's next iPhone model will bump its Retina Display to be evenmore Retina by increasing the total number of on screen pixels from 727,040 up to 1.5 million while keeping the same display size. That rumor comes from anonymous sources talking with Weiphone.

Those sources said (English translation) the next iPhone will include a subtle body redesign, too, with a thinner bezel area around the display. If so, Apple may be planning on using the same technology the iPad mini relies on to keep fingers at the edge of the screen area from accidentally registering as touches.

A rumor from a few days ago claimed the next iPhone will also be available in several different colors, much like the iPod touch. Rumors are also saying the next model will included a redesigned ambient noise microphone and a dual LED flash for the built-in camera.

Rumors are also pointing to a September release for updated iPhones, which fits with Apple CEO Tim Cook stating there won't be any big product announcements from the company until this fall.