Next iPhone to be Even More Retina

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Rumors say the next iPhone will have an even higher resolution displayApple's next iPhone model will bump its Retina Display to be evenmore Retina by increasing the total number of on screen pixels from 727,040 up to 1.5 million while keeping the same display size. That rumor comes from anonymous sources talking with Weiphone.

Those sources said (English translation) the next iPhone will include a subtle body redesign, too, with a thinner bezel area around the display. If so, Apple may be planning on using the same technology the iPad mini relies on to keep fingers at the edge of the screen area from accidentally registering as touches.

A rumor from a few days ago claimed the next iPhone will also be available in several different colors, much like the iPod touch. Rumors are also saying the next model will included a redesigned ambient noise microphone and a dual LED flash for the built-in camera.

Rumors are also pointing to a September release for updated iPhones, which fits with Apple CEO Tim Cook stating there won't be any big product announcements from the company until this fall.

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It's hard to imagine the iPhone diplay looking better than it does now, but that doesn't mean Apple won't try. If the next generation iPhone does go higher resolution, how close to the display will we need to get to tell the difference between it and the iPhone 5?



A rumor from a few days ago claimed the next iPhone will also be available in several different colors, much like the iPod touch.

As long as they don’t go with Blue Dalmatian or Flower Power…


Doubling the actual number of total pixels probably won’t happen. It falls outside the pattern of retina development: pixel doubling = 4x the total pixels. A new total resolution that’s only 2x the total pixels implies a new screen resolution and a new screen size. Also, there’s the cost/benefit calculation. Pushing 4x the pixels in a phone has negative implications to processor power and battery life. Not that it can’t be overcome, but how much perceived difference will result? I already use a non-retina iPad mini and a phone and, while I know there’s a difference in screen quality, don’t really notice it much everyday. In fact, I never think about how much better photos or video would look on the iPhone.

The LED flash is a great change if it happens, though. Low hanging fruit right there.


Current resolution is 1136x640, with square pixels.
Some scenarios:
1) scale the pixels down: 1.5x each way would get 1704x960, or 1.635 million. But this makes no sense to me, for the reasons jfbiii mentions above. Very unlikely.
2) double the pixels one way, for rectangular pixels: 1136x1280. More feasible, especially if you only make those pixels available to things that properly work through the “retina” APIs, much like way the Retina MBPs function. Still unlikely.

My overall feeling, though, is that this feels like the usual tech spec one-upmanship that the Android folks play. I don’t see Apple doing this at all.


If Apple ups the iPhone’s rez, fine, but if they don’t, they don’t. Either way, I don’t count this as a “feature”. What good would even greater resolution be to anyone, other than freaks with ridiculous-awesome eyesight or people who happen to carry around magnifying glasses with them?

Dan Warne

If you think it’s hard to imagine how a display could be better than the current iPhone retina display, you haven’t seen the HTC One in person yet.


I believe it, but what’s the point? When you’ve achieved a resolution that’s already not discernible from printed text and produces rich gradations and excellent color balance, the minuscule gain you might get from a higher rez is greatly offset by the amount of processing power and loss of battery life that it takes to produce it.

Dan Warne

Good point on processing power, but the reality of that is that it never stays a limitation for long. Like I said, you have to see the HTC One screen to understand what could be better—and why—than the iPhone retina display. The first time I saw it I actually thought there was a printed sticker on the screen! I can’t account for why it looks so much better if indeed the eye can’t discern pixels on a retina display, but it REALLY does.


It’s a limitation for hardware, and such a negligible one that I don’t see it as a feature. There’s a lot that I see on Apple’s retina displays that’s still hard to believe is digitally displayed; the only way you can really know for sure if one display is substantially better is if you view the exact same content on two displays simultaneously, under the same lighting conditions.

Mel Farris

I have been an Apple fan boy for over 2 decades. But am currently using an Galaxy S3. (After purchasing an iPhone 5 and giving it away to my wife after a couple of weeks.)
Apple had always given the people what they wanted through innovation. (Sometime we did not know we wanted it until it was presented to us.) But Apple is now ignoring the desire of most of the people. And that is exactly why Apple stock is down.
Most people I talk with want a BIGGER screen. NOT a screen with higher resolution. The detail is great now. (Apple do you hear, “GOOD ENOUGH.”)
All the rumors I have heard about, finger print scanner, different color cases, different glass, quad core processor, 13 megapixel camera, tell me that you are going to be presenting another ho-hum upgrade.
I am waiting to see the official release of the next iPhone before buying my next phone. The ONLY thing that matters to me is screen size. If the screen is at least 4.8”, I will buy the next iPhone. (Apple do you hear,......I do not care if you do not change anything else, but simply increase the screen size from your paltry 4”.) But if the screen size stays to same,.....Samsung or HTC will get my money.


People who have been following Apple long enough know that their stock price has nothing to do with Apple’s response to market trends, or level of innovation. Their stock took a dive because investors have mistaken Apple’s public dormancy over the past several months for having lost their spark. Not because they refuse to get on the big ol’ phablet bandwagon.

Remember how much investors were hounding Apple a few years ago about putting out their own netbook to respond to the trend… they made an iPad instead, and look at the results.

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