Next EVE Online Expansion, Dominion, Set For Winter Release

Publisher CCP Games has revealed the next free expansion for its science-fiction massively multiplayer online game EVE Online: Dominion, which promises to focus on warfare between player alliances. The game's current sovereignty mechanics, which control how players control and manage their own section of space, will also be overhauled.

In addition, CCP plans to add epic mission arcs for pirate factions, integration with its social networking platform known as COSMOS, and graphical enhancements. According to Macworld, CCP is still working on functionality that will let players leave their starships and walk around space stations, but that feature won't be part of Dominion.

CCP will be showing off Dominion during its annual Fanfest, held in Iceland in October. The company is also expected to reveal more information about Dust 514, a new first-person shooter/strategy console game that will let players fight on planet surfaces, with the outcomes directly affecting the MMO.