Next Gen iPod touch to Sport Camera

Yet another Apple product leak has surfaced, this time claiming that the next generation iPod touch will include a built-in camera. The alleged leak comes from, the same Web site that recently leaked images of the brand new MacBook along with the next generation iPhone prototype.

Assuming’s information is correct, the new iPod touch will include a 2 megapixel camera, up to 64GB of storage, and will maintain the same form factor found on the current iPod touch. Engadget noted that the device’s serial number indicates it’s a late 2009 model third generation iPod touch, which means this could be an earlier prototype and not what’s in store for the next product update.

A video showing the prototype iPod touch in action is available online, too, showing Apple’s development testbed software running on the device, complete with working camera.

Apple hasn’t announced new iPod touch models yet, so for now this leak should be treated as another rumor. It shows, however, that Apple’s usually tight ship seems to be leaking information at a faster rate.