Next iPhone to Use In-Cell Tech for Thinner, Superior Display

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The next generation iPhone will employ “in-cell” technology, allowing the device’s screen, and thus the device itself, to be up to 1.4 mm thinner than the current iPhone 4S, according to The Wall Street Journal. The report substantiates earlier rumors about Apple’s possible use of in-cell display technology from April 2012.

In-cell technology integrates the display and touch layers, currently separate, into a single, thinner layer. The result is reduced thickness and slightly improved image quality. Additionally, the switch to in-cell based displays may reduce Apple’s costs by simplifying the supply chain.

In-Cell Display ComparisonComparison of iPhone 4S thickness (left) to that of a future iPhone (right) using in-cell display technology (via MacRumors).

While Apple’s use of in-cell display technology will allow it to produce a thinner device, it would also allow a larger battery at the same thickness as the iPhone 4. With the likelihood of a battery-hungry LTE radio in the next iPhone, Apple may opt to use the added space for greater battery capacity.

The Wall Street Journal reports that mass production of the displays is already underway, with orders split between Sharp and Japan Display, a new company comprised of three Japanese electronics companies’ display divisions and South Korea’s LG Display Co.

The next iPhone is expected to be released this fall alongside iOS 6.

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I hope they’ll kepp the same thickness as the 4S and use the extra space for a larger battery.
The 4S is quite thin already and there’s no such thing as a large enough battery in portable devices nowdays.



.... Also known as “Super AMOLED” you know, that screen that was on the Galaxy S two years ago…


The above illustration is really deceptive, leading one to believe that the whole thing will be much thinner.  1.4mm is about 1/16” which is next to nothing.


Go much thinner and I can use it to shave. Won’t even need an app.


Also known as ?Super AMOLED? you know, that screen that was on the Galaxy S two years ago

The articles doesn’t claim the “in-cell” technology is new or a first. But thanks for pointing this out. It will be the first “Retina” screen to use the technology if the rumor proves true.


Apple doesn’t invent anything. Instead, they take what has been invented and either make it easy to use. (iPod) or they deploy it in a way that is easy to understand and better for the consumer (iPhone).

It’s only cool because the consumer thinks so, not because Apple says so.


Where is the middle plate in the cross section of the iPhone 4 design?

While a marginally thinner display may enable Apple to shave 0,1 mm of the iPhone 5’s thickness, what’s really gonna make a difference is if they can ditch the middle plate entirely because the new metal casing provides all the rigidity needed in the phone.


I didn’t know about a “stiffener” middle plate. I’ll have to look at the tear down.

Also, I was of course being facetious when I stated that “Apple doesn’t invent anything.”

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