ngmoco Buys Mac and iPhone Game Maker Freeverse

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Game developer ngmoco just extended its reach into the iPhone market thanks to its purchase of long time Mac and iPhone game maker Freeverse. The purchase followed a venture capital round that raised US$25 million, according to Tech Crunch.

Freeverse games are priced around US$2.99, but ngmoco plans to offer the company's titles for free and generate revenue with in-app sales. So far, the in-app purchase model has been working for ngmoco, and the company seems to think it will work with the Freeverse titles as well.

iPhone apps, however, aren't the only titles in the Freeverse lineup. The company also develops applications for Mac OS X and Windows, but there's no word yet on what ngmoco plans to do with those products.

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Ah Freeverse. I remember the original Burning Monkey Solitaire. I loved to show it to people and get them to click on “Why Burning Monkey?”. The look of shock on their face was wonderful.


I wonder if Jared (the butcher of song) will be retained under this deal?  Or will he be dusting off his CV?  grin


Jared! I was trying to think of the name of that Widget(?) Game(?) Torture device(?). I knew Freeverse had done it I just couldn’t think of the name.

that’s what I loved about Freeverse, the style. There’s another article today about a Freeverse game involving Aliens, Zombies, and large calibre weapons. In classic Freeverse style it’s not at all what you’d expect.


Did they buy Freeverse just for the iPhone apps? Cause they make some very excellent Mac software too.

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