NI Announces Guitar Rig 5, Kontakt 5, More

It was a busy day for Native Instruments Monday, as they company announced Guitar Rig 5 Pro, Kontakt 5, Solid Mix Series and Transient Master, Studio Drummer, Komplete 8 and Komplete 8 Ultimate. All of the new products include a variety of new features and abilities for a mix of live and studio uses.

Guitar Rig 5 Pro is NI’s amp and effects modelling solution for guitarists. Designed for live and studio use, Guitar Rig 5 Pro adds several new features, including a “classic compressor model,” a “vintage verb” with various plate and spring emulations, another reverb unit based on REFLEKTOR, an analog-modeled 8-band filterbank, a new chorus called “stereo tune,” and a harmonizer called “Resochord.”

The update also adds a new feature called “Control Room Pro,” which allows users to customize their modeled speaker. It includes 27 cabinets and 16 microphones, and the company said you can combine up to eight cabinets at once. Users can also sidechain with the new version, and different combinations of effects and models can be collected in a feature called “Container.”

Guitar Rig 5 Pro is set to ship in September of 2011 for a retail price of US$199/€179. Bundled with the Kontrol foot pedal seen in the image below, it’s priced at $449/€399. Owners of prior versions can upgrade for $79/€69.

Guitar Rig 5 Pro & Kontrol Pedal Board

Guitar Rig 5 Pro & Kontrol Pedal Board

Solid Mix Series is a virtual mixing board that, “emulates the distinctive EQ and dynamics sections of one of the most revered mixing consoles of all time.” It would seem that said board was not actually licensed, because NI doesn’t name the specific board that is being emulated. Perhaps one of our studio gear hands can name it in the comments below. It has a variety of modeled EQ settings, a bus compressor called “Solid Bus Comp,” sidechaining capabilities, and more.

Transient Master is an envelope shaper designed for musicians and producers to hand-tweak drum and other percussion tracks. The company said it can also be used to push or blend individual instruments farther back in the mix.

Solid Mix Series is priced at $229/€199, while Transient Master is $119/€99.

Studio Drummer is a virtual drum instrument for use with Kontakt or Kontakt Player. It is designed to allow musicians and producers to create full drum parts using, “three premium drum kits from Pearl, Sonor and Yamaha.” It includes 17GB of samples that were recorded using up to 18 microphones. Each drum has 25 velocity layers and up to 6 variations of samples.

Studio Drummer is priced at $169/€149.

Kontakt 5 is a software sampler designed to let users play virtual instruments, including Studio Drummer and many, many more. It includes 37 new filters, “ranging from classic analog-style ladder and state-variable models to modern formant filters.” It also includes some of the new technologies and features mentioned above in other releases, including Solid G-EQ, Solid Bus Comb, and more. There’s a new bus system, an analog-modeled “Tape Saturator,” and many other new features.

Kontakt 5 is priced at $399/€379. There’s a free version of the software called Kontakt Player.

Komplete 8 and Komplete 8 Ultimate are, as the name suggests, the kitchen sink of Native Instruments modelling packages. It includes Kontakt 5, Guitar Rig 5, Studio Drummer, 240GB of samples, a new virtual percussion instrument called West Africa, Transient Master, Absynth, FM8, and Massive.

Komplete 8 is priced at $559/€499, with upgrades from previous versions priced at $229/€199. Komplete 8 Ultimate is priced at $1,099/€999, with upgrades at $559/€499.