NI Releases Abbey Road Modern Drums for Kontakt

Native Instruments announced Monday the release of Abbey Road Modern Drums, an instrument pack for Kontakt Player and Kontakt 4. The instrument pack is the 4th installment of the Abbey Road drum series from the company, and this one samples two modern kits with modern cymbals, all in Abbey Road studios, of course.

Kontakt is a music sampler solution for Mac and Windows, and the company has released many different instrument packs over the years. The Abbey Road drum series samples specific kits that were endemic to the sound of particular moments in music, and the company has already released 60s, 70s, and 80s packs.

For Modern Drums, NI sampled a Drum Workshop Collector’s Series “White Kit” and a Pearl Reference “Sparkle Kit”. Cymbals were selected from both Sabian and Zildjian, and both sets offer three snare drum options each. They were recorded in Abbey Road’s Studio Two and Studio Three.

For the tech heads, NI got the samples using up to 27 velocity layers per instrument with over 40,000 overall samples.

The title is priced at US $119/€99, and is available now.

The video below is a fluffy promo video, but it has some fine drummer playing some fine drums, and we thought you might enjoy it.

Native Instruments Promo Video for Abbey Road Modern Drums