Nikon Unveils D3X Pro Digital SLR Camera

Nikon introduced Monday, the D3X digital SLR camera, part of the company's pro line of digital SLR cameras. The camera sports a 24.5 megapixel resolution and can capture up to five frames per second.

The D3X supports Nikon's NEF Raw format, JPEG and Tiff images, 12-bit and 14-bit compressed and uncompressed formats, and offers and ISO range between 100 and 1600. It also includes a 51-point auto-focus, the ability to track and lock onto moving objects, is moisture and shock resistant, and supports UDMA-compatible CompactFlash cards.

The D3X is priced at US$7,999.95 and will be available later in December.


The Nikon D3X

Nikon's D3X Digital SLR