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There may be plenty of interest in Apple's new iPad, but apparently not at Nintendo. Company president Satoru Iwata didn't see anything exciting in Apple's multimedia tablet device, and apparently doesn't see it as a big game changer, according to Forbes.

"There were no surprises for me," Mr. Iwata said.

Apple introduced the iPad at a special media event on January 27 in San Francisco where most attendees seemed excited about the device. The iPad is a tablet form factor device that runs iPhone OS. It includes a 9.7-inch multitouch display, build-in Wi-Fi and optional G3 wireless data connectivity, an ebook reader and online digital book store, and more.

The iPad, according to Apple, is designed to offer more than the iPhone or iPod touch for portable users, but fit in the technology space below laptops.

Mr. Iwata, however, sees the iPad differently. "It was a bigger iPod touch," he said.

Mr. Iwata may have a vested interest in seeing the iPad as just a bigger iPod. His company makes home and portable gaming devices, and the iPad could be seen as a direct competitor to products like the Nintendo DS thanks to Apple's entertainment and gaming push with the iPod touch and now the iPad.

Apple's iPad isn't due to hit store shelves until March, so there are still a few weeks left to see if consumers agree with him and see the iPad as just another iPod, or if it turns out to be much more.

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Um… I don’t think Mr. Iwata is dismissing the product threat of the iPad, after all the iPod touch is a wonderfully compelling product on it’s own that has taken casual gamers by storm. What I think Mr. Iwata is saying is that the iPad is not a revolutionary product that is establishing a new product category as Mr. Jobs claims, but rather a growth of the already established iPod touch line….


Asking Nintendo for an official quote about a competitor is like asking Angelina Jolie what she thinks of Jennifer Aniston - she hates all that is not about her and like Angelina, thinks they/she are the hottest FOREV ...


The iPad allows more immersive and graphically intensive games than the iPod Touch or iPhone.  It just has more display area to play with.

Thus, the games for it are going to be much better than on the iPod Touch.  Thus, the iPad creates a new platform for games - another competitor to the DS. But with a twist: the iPad can play high definition games - like on a computer, like with a console.

If anything, the iPad is a competitor to the Sony Playstation 1 or 3 and the Microsoft XBox - but it a substantially more portable package.


Hmmm…quotes from Microsoft and Nintendo. All that’s missing is a quote from Amazon. How about quotes from people who don’t have a vested interest in the product succeeding or failing?

Constable Odo

I guess he missed Apple’s custom A4 SOC that is going to go into the rest of the Apple mobile product line.  That SOC is going to murder competitor’s mobile devices.  Based on the performance of the iPad, a customized A4 in an iPod Touch will run rings around around a DS.  He really can’t dismiss a product that he hasn’t seen or used as being nothing to worry about.  He should consider Apple’s revenues and his own companies revenues as somewhat of a guideline on whether Apple is a threat or not.  This CEO is making himself out to be like Palm’s Ed Colligan or Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer by dissing competitor’s products.

I’m absolutely certain that the A4 chip and forthcoming custom Apple chips are going to be a really big surprise to the rest of the mobile industry.


I?m absolutely certain that the A4 chip and forthcoming custom Apple chips are going to be a really big surprise to the rest of the mobile industry.

LoL. So where’s the benchmarking info on the A4?


Lusotec wrote:

The A4 SOC has a “ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore” CPU and a “ARM Mali 50-Series” GPU
so I don’t expect much performance, either for general or 3D computations.

Uses the same CPU as Tegra, weaker GPU. Atleast it’s better than the 3GS’s ARM processor.

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