Nokia Parodies Apple Commercial to Tout Lumia 925 Photos

Nokia has released a new commercial called "Better Photos Every Day," an ad that mocks Apple's claims that more pictures are taken on the iPhone every day by saying better pictures are taken with the Nokia Lumia 925. The commercial uses similar presentation as Apple's "Photos Every Day" spot, and offers side by side comparisons of images that show off the camera on the Lumia 925.

The commercial:

If you're curious, here's Apple's ad:

Photos are a big deal on mobile phones, especially the iPhone. The enormous success of Instagram, for instance, played a role in the growth of the iPhone itself. Even after years of Android devices outselling Apple's iPhone, more photos get taken and uploaded to all manner of social networking and photo sharing services from the iPhone than on other devices.

Enter Nokia's 900 line of Windows Phone devices. Nokia has made major investments in the quality of the optics and onboard software features relating to the camera, particularly on the Lumia 920 and Lumia 925.

Indeed, with the Lumia 925, the first features listed by Nokia are, "8.7 Megapixel PureView camera with six Carl Zeiss lenses." The device also takes great low-light photos, has a dual LED flash, and features advanced photo-taking features built into the camera app.

As ads go, Nokia's new spot isn't bad. The photo comparisons are compelling, and the message that you can take better photos with the Nokia 925 is crystal clear. In fact, this spot stands head and shoulders over any ad for Windows Phone smartphones or Windows 8 tablets put out by Microsoft.

Lumia 925 Still

A Still from Nokia's Spot

Of course, the ad starts by repeating and confirming Apple's claim that more photos are taken by the iPhone. It also recreates several specific scenes used in Apple's ad, but with the Lumia 925 instead of the iPhone.

It's risky using the competitor to position your product, but for Nokia, doing so may be a far better option than using Windows Phone to position it.

To that end, Windows Phone isn't mentioned in the spot. Imagine that.

[Via MacRumors]