Nokia: Adopting Android Like Peeing In Your Pants

Android -- OoosAdopting Android is like Finnish boys, “who pee in their pants for warmth,” according to Anssi Vanjoki, Nokia’s outgoing head of its Mobile Solutions unit. It might make you feel warm for a bit, but you’ll then find yourself in an even worse predicament.

Above and beyond the issue of all these Finnish boys who may be peeing in their pants in the depths of the harsh Finnish winter, Mr. Vanjoki was addressing the question of why Nokia doesn’t adopt Google’s Android OS to replace its own Symbian OS in an interview with The Financial Times.

Nokia, which is still the world’s leading smartphone producer by volume, has been losing market share to Apple’s iOS and the Android platform at a brisk clip, and some analysts and pundits have suggested the company take the Android plunge, too.

Mr. Vanjoki believes that moving to Android makes it hard for handset makers to differentiate their products, though he didn’t offer a clear vision for how his company could reverse, or even stem, the market share losses it is dealing with in the current market.