North Point iBand Plays Three Carols on iPads

The North Point iBand performed several Christmas carols earlier this month using only iPads and iPhones for instruments, and posted a professionally produced video of the performance on YouTube. The band is comprised of eleven people, each of whom plays their part using iPad or iPhone apps.

The instruments include bells, multiple keyboards, organs, drums, a tambourine, a shaker, a guiro, guitars, an accordion, Bebot, and vocals for Feliz Navidad sung through I Am T-Pain on an iPhone (or some other auto-tuning iOS app). The three songs are “Carol of the Bells,” “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree,” and “Feliz Navidad.”

The North Point iBand is affiliated with the Atlanta-based evangelical mega church, North Point Community Church, hence the enormous audience and large theater, as well as the budget to have a multi-camera crew on hand to film the event.

North Point iBand Video