Not Sure about Apple Watch? You can Rent Before You Buy

If dropping between US$350 and $5,000 on an Apple Watch without trying one out first doesn't sit well with you, Lumoid thinks it has a solution. The company plans to rent Apple's smartwatch once its available in April so you can test one out before spending your hard earned cash to buy one.

Lumoid to offer Apple Watch rentalsLumoid to offer Apple Watch rentals

The company already rents camera gear and even drones, and recently started renting smartwatches, too. Once the Apple Watch is available, Lumoid plans to add it to their product lineup.

Lumoid will send customers a set of five different smartwatches to try out for a week for $20. At the end of the week, they can send them all back, or keep the one they want and the $20 rental fee will be applied to the cost of that watch.

Apple Watch hopefuls will be able to sign up later this week to try out the company's first smartwatch once it's available. Lumoid is considering charging more than $20 for smartwatch rentals that include Apple Watch, but will still apply that amount to your purchase. If you decide you don't like any of the watches Lumoid sends, you're only out the rental fee.

Lumoid's website hasn't been updated yet to include the Apple Watch rental waiting list, but that should be coming later this week.

[Thanks to NBC for the heads upSome image elements courtesy Shutterstock]