Nova Media Adds 17 Phones to FoneSync for LG Phones for Mac OS X

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Nova Media announced Tuesday an update to FoneSync for LG Phones for Mac OS X that adds support for 17 new LG models to the software. FoneSync for LG Phones is a utility that allows Mac users to sync their Address Book contacts and iCal calendars to their LG phone.

The 17 new models supported in version 1.0.2 are: LG CU515, LG CU720, LG CU920, LG KE990, LG KF310, LG KF700, LG KU250, LG KU311, LG KU380, LG KU800, LG TU720, LG U250, LG U310, LG U830, LG U960, LG U97 and the LG U990.

The update is free to registered owners of the software, and the full version is priced at €19.90 (including VAT) or US$19.95 for the U.S. and Canada. FoneSync requires Mac OS X 10.5.8 if you're running Leopard, or Mac OS X 10.6.1 or higher if you're running Snow Leopard.

FoneSync for LG Screenshot
FoneSync for LG Screenshot

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What about Verizon’s multimedia (not smartphone) phones like the LG enV Touch (VX-1100), LG Chocolate Touch (VX-8575), and LG enV3 (VX-9200)?

These are popular phones on Verizon and just being able to sync Address Book would be a great feature.

Jan Fuellemann


thanks for the questions. As we live in Germany, it is hard for us to come by these phones and we currently do not have a technical contact at LG USA. And it is quite difficult to add these phones without actually having them in our hands.

So, two things:

Whenever you have an idea about whom to contact at LG USA, please send me the contact details at

And if you have one of these phones, contact to see if we can get it to work remotely!


Jan Fuellemann, nova media

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