Nova Media Offers Globe-trotting 3G Users Way to Find Prepaid SIM Cards

Nova Media announced Wednesday Launch2Net Premium, a new version of the company’s 3G connection manager that includes a way of finding local prepaid SIM service provider. Aimed at globe-trotting wireless data users wanting to avoid roaming charges, Launch2Net Premium will then manage the connection protocols once you’ve bought your prepaid SIM.

“Finding a mobile network operator which offers a prepaid data connection abroad took hours of research on the Internet. And in most cases, the information was not accurate or recent at all,” Jan Fuellemann, PR spokesperson for nova media, said in a statement. “Using Launch2Net, the research is done in a few seconds. And the cost of the software pays itself off the first time it is used abroad.”

Users of the Premium version of Launch2Ntet will find a “Prepaid” button within the software that will open up a map of the planet, where you can then drill down to the country you need your prepaid service. The software then displays all supported prepaid providers with a link to that company’s Web site.

The software is available for Mac OS X as a download from Nova Media’s Web site. It is priced at €49.90 for European customers and US$49.90 for US and Canadian customers.