nova media Unveils iCON 431 3G USB Modem

| Product News

nova media announced the immediate availability of the iCON 431 3G USB modem on Tuesday. The wireless modem lets Mac users connect to 3G data networks for Web surfing, email, and other data transfers.

The iCON 431 supports download rates of up to 7.2Mbit/s, upload rates of 2 Mbit/s, and is upgradable to support future 5.76Mbps upload speed standards. It also includes a built-in microSD card reader, nova media's launch2net connection software, and is styled to match Apple's unibody MacBook product line.

The iCON 431 is priced at €168 (about US$216.02).



Marble Host

I would have to guess no as of now because there is no"tethering"plan for the iPhone if you had Blackberry with thethering,or they give iPhone users that option,they,yes it would work, but you already have the iPhone you could plug in….

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