NYC iPhone 6s Deliveries May be Delayed Thanks to Pope’s Visit

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Holy iPhone delay, New York City residents! Your iPhone 6s pre-order may not show up on Friday, September 25, because of traffic restrictions for Pope Francis' visit. Apple is notifying iPhone 6s buyers of the potential delay via email, and is promising to deliver their brand new smartphone on Saturday if roadblocks keep UPS away on Friday.

Pope's visit to delay iPhone 6s deliveries in NYCPope's visit to delay iPhone 6s deliveries in NYC

The Verge reports the emails are already arriving with an apology for the potential delay.

Apple launched iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus pre-orders on September 12 for delivery on September 25—the same day the new models will be in stores. The new models sport faster processors, higher resolution cameras, and 3D Touch navigation. They're available in silver, space grey, gold, and now rose gold, too.

UPS said it won't be able to make deliveries to certain parts of Washington DC, New York City, and Philadelphia during the Pope's visit because of security restrictions. You can check to see if your ZIP Code is in the affected areas at the UPS website.

For everyone else, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus deliveries should happen on schedule.

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The Pope. The iPhone was nicknamed "Jesus Phone." The jokes practically write themselves. Also, the NYC iPhone 6s delivery delays do kind of suck.

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I wonder why Tim Cook didn’t drop a line to the Pope as the representative of Steve The Almighty and ask him (the Pope) to hold off his visit so it didn’t interfere with the arrival of the new iPhone?

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