NYC Thieves Target iPad Deliveries to Apple Stores

Thieves in New York City have been targeting iPad deliveries to Apple Stores, according to a report from The New York Post. The Upper West Side Apple Store at 1981 Broadway has had two crates of five iPads (each) stolen during the delivery process.

The New York daily reported that on June 15th, at 9:55 AM a lone thief ran up while a delivery person was stacking crates of iPads and nabbed one, running away on foot. On Thursday, June 17th a team of two people approached another delivery person. Whilst one of the thieves asked the driver for directions, the second knicked a case of iPads, also running away on foot.

Employees of the Apple Store told the paper that, “We definitely have a heightened security presence.” This is in part due to the fact iPads are even more portable and even easier to sell than the MacBook and MacBook Pros that have often been a target at Apple’s retail stores in the past.

As part of that heightened security presence, another employee told The Post that even store employees don’t know when shipments are to be delivered each day.

Upper West Side Apple Store

Apple’s Upper West Side Apple Store