NYT Executive Editor Hints at Apple Tablet

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Apple Tablet rumor fans are likely foaming at the mouth thanks to a reference to an "impending Apple slate" from New York Times Executive Editor Bill Keller. Mr. Keller made the reference during a presentation at the Harvard Nieman Journalism Lab, according to Gawker.

During the presentation, Mr. Keller said "I'm hoping we can get the newsroom more actively involved in the challenge of delivering our best journalism in the form of Times Reader, iPhone apps, WAP, or the impending Apple slate."

He may have only been referring to the mountain of rumors surrounding Apple's mythical tablet device, but the faithful will no doubt assume his statement was an unintentional slip confirming Mr. Keller's "insider knowledge."

Related reports claim Apple has been negotiating with newspaper, including the New York Times, to bring their content to a new tablet-type device. Mr. Keller's remark plays nicely into that rumor.

Despite the growing numbers of tablet rumors, Apple hasn't officially announced such a device -- and until it does, the Apple tablet is still just a rumor.

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Jeff Gamet

My assumption is that we’re simply looking at someone referencing the tablet rumors, and there isn’t any insider leak happening here. Until Steve Jobs rides a unicorn on stage with a tablet computer in his hand, I’m not buying into the rumors.

John Martellaro

I think this is significant.  I betting Apple won’t release the slate/iTablet until it has agreements in place with major newspapers.  The slip was probably a vestige of NYT’s hope for eventual salvation via electronic, subscription-based distribution.


And possibly a somewhat-intentional “slip” to stir up just a little more free publicity for the Times?

Scott Hunter

And if the rumors are true, Apple is raking in the benefits of all this free pre-publicity, a strategy they have perfected to a science.

Personally, I don’t see the attraction of a tablet, but then I didn’t think I’d want an iPhone either, which now seems to be the equivalent of declaring I’d never have a need for water.

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