O2 Drops Tethering Fees for iPhone, Other Smartphones

U.K. mobile service provider O2 gave customers a new reason to smile on Tuesday when it announced that fees for tethering, or sharing their smartphone’s data connection with other devices, wouldn’t cost subscribers anything extra. The new service plans will let iPhone users, as well as other smartphone users, share their data plan with other devices, such as iPads and laptops.

O2: Free data tethering!O2 makes wireless data tethering free

O2’s restructured data plans are slightly more expensive now, but still cheaper than the old plans with tethering bolt-on packages.

The new service plans mark a big change from carrier’s usual business model where customers are expected to pay extra for everything, including tethering — a feature that’s available on most smartphones. The change will likely help the carrier keep some of its customers that were thinking of switching to different providers, and if customers are lucky, O2’s competition will follow suit and offer free tethering soon, too.