O2 Lists iPhone Video Call Fees

U.K. iPhone partner O2 raised a few eyebrows over the weekend with tariff listings that show per-minute pricing for iPhone video calls. The tariff listing has many speculating that Apple's next generation iPhone will offer video call support.

"UK video calls" is one of the options listed as a charge outside of subscriber's monthly usage allowance and is tagged with an additional 20p per minute fee.

While the idea of iPhone video call support is exciting for some users, current versions of Apple's combination smartphone and iPod isn't set up for to support the feature since they don't include a front-facing camera. With the current back-facing camera set up, users wouldn't be able to see who they are chatting with since the camera and display are on opposite sides of the device.

What's more likely that Apple adding a second camera to the iPhone for video chatting, however, is that O2 has a standard out of allowance tariff list and didn't remove the video call reference from its iPhone fee Web page.

O2 has not yet responded to questions about iPhone video call tariffs.

[Thanks to Funky Space Monkey for the heads up.]