Objective Development Announces LaunchBar 5 Open Beta

Objective Development announced the immediate availability of a first beta version of its LaunchBar 5 productivity utility on Friday.

The new version includes features such as built-in Clipboard history, a new and unique ClipMerge functionality for merging subsequent Copy operations, it adds Quick Look support, iCal support, a more extensible calculator and keyboard access to Mac OS X services. Other new features include:

- Redesigned configuration and preferences interface.
- Lots of new and improved actions.
- Much improved file operations.
- Fully customizable hotkeys.
- Modifier Taps.
- Firefox 3 support.
- German localization.
- Automatic software update.
- Scriptable via AppleScript.
- New application icon.

For users interested in participating in the beta, the software (which expires on January 15th, 2009) can be downloaded from the Objective Development web site