Objective Development Releases Launchbar 5

Objective Development announced Wednesday the release of Launchbar 5, the company's utility for controlling your Mac from your keyboard. The update adds a digital ton of new features, including support for Snow Leopard, new clipboard tools, improved iCal support, AppleScript support, and much more.

Featured highlights of version 5:

  • Snow Leopard compatibility
  • Clipboard History
  • ClipMerge
  • Quick Look support
  • iCal support (create events and to-do items)
  • Much improved, extensible Calculator
  • Services indexing rule
  • Lots of new and improved actions
  • Much improved file operations
  • Redesigned index and preferences windows.
  • Fully customizable hotkeys
  • Modifier Taps
  • Firefox 3 support
  • German localization
  • Automatic software update
  • Scriptable via AppleScript
  • New application icon

You can find details on the new features at the Launchbar 5 Web page.

A single user license is priced at €24 (US$36.03 as of this writing), while family packs of five licenses are priced €39 ($58.54). Upgrades from pervious versions start at €9 ($13.51).

Launchbar 5 Screenshot
Screenshot of Launchbar 5's Clipboard History