Octavian Brings Piano Theory to iPhone

Bitnotic announced Monday the release of Octavian 1.0, the company's music and piano theory app for the iPhone. The software allows users to find scales, build chords, and more (see the video below for a demonstration from the company).

Features of the app:

  • Quickly find scales and chords and transpose them to any root note
  • View any mode of any scale
  • View chords in root position and first, second, and third inversions
  • Build chords on any scale degree
  • Use Scale Explorer to view all scales that contain the notes of the current chord
  • Use Chord Explorer to identify chords built on the degrees of a scale
  • Traverse the Circle of Fifths by holding down the note selector

Bitnotic's Octavian demonstration video

Octavian 1.0 is priced at US$2.99 at the App Store. It requires iPhone OS 3.0 and any iPhone or iPod touch.