Of Tips, Tweets, and David Pogue

I have tips to cover in this column, good tips for beginners. But first I want to talk about David Pogue. I can call him David because (1) he is young enough to be one of my kids, and (2) I had my picture taken with him at Macworld Expo. I would show you this picture except that David is 6 foot something-something, and I look like a gnome next to him.

Anyhow, David is a nationally famous writer who writes a weekly tech column for the New York Times, an Emmy-winning correspondent for CBS News Sunday Morning, and the author or co-author of 50 books. He also wrote a book about tweets called The World According to Twitter. 

For those who are not familiar with it, Twitter.com is a Web site where you can broadcast very short messages, up to 140 characters, to anyone who is signed up to receive them. People can follow you and you can follow people of your choice. David has over 500,000 followers. He got the idea of asking a question at a certain time every night and then he took the best of those answers and put them into this extremely funny book. If you need a good relaxing laugh, you should get a copy of The World According to Twitter. You can get it from Amazon.com.

Here is a small example: The assignment was to finish a familiar saying in a new way. The replies included:

  • Revenge is a dish best served on live national television.
  • Sticks and stones may break my bones very, very badly.
  • Hell hath no fury like the owner of the original model when the 2.0 comes out.
  • A journey of a thousand miles…can earn you double flyer points if you fly this weekend!
  • A penny saved is…all I have in my 401K.
  • A penny saved is…most likely in a jar on top of your dresser.

Now to some tips: My theory is that when one sits down in front of their new Mac and starts to learn it all at one time, one learns the basics and is grateful to the computer gods for that gift. There is so much more, and unless someone at least tells you, you may not learn what else is there. So here is my contribution to some of what else is there in Address Book.

  • In Address Book - If you click on the title next to any phone number you get an option to show the number in large type. Click that option and the phone number will be greatly enlarged on your screen.

Show Large Phone Number

  • In Address Book - If you click on the title next to any email address you get an option to send an email to that address.

Send an Email from Address Book

  • In Address Book - If you click on the title next to homepage you get an option to click and open the Web site.

  • In Address Book - If you click on the title next to a iChat ID and that person is on-line at iChat you can click to send an instant message.

  • In Address Book - If you click on the title next to an address you can instantly pull up a map of the address, copy a mailing label of the name and address, or print out a URL of a map to the address.

  • In Address Book - Delete a card by clicking on the card and selecting Edit > Delete Card.

  • In Address Book - Add fields to any card. Open the card and click the edit button in the bottom left corner. Select Card > Add Field. Choose from the available options or add your own by selecting Edit template.

  • In Address Book - To add a relevant Web site to a specific card open Safari to the specific Web site you want to add. Open the card and click the edit button in the bottom left corner. Select Card > Add URL From Safari. The Web site will be added to the card.

  • In Address Book - Check for duplicates. Select Card from the Menu and click on Look for duplicates. Address Book will search your entries and give you a message if it finds anything, giving you the option to act. For instance you might get this message:

    Sample Message

  • In Address Book - Reorder names. If you enter names in Address Book the way you speak them, i.e., “John Smith,” but you really want them alphabetized by last name so you can find them, Address Book has a solution for that. Click on a name, select Card from the Menu and then select Reorder Last Name Before First. Now don’t whine, you can do the whole list at once. Click on any one card, hold down the Command key and the A key so that all the records are highlighted, then select Reorder Last Name Before First. You can use this same tool to put them back in the original format.

  • In Address Book - Create a group. You create groups for emails. Your family, club, ex-husbands, whatever you need. In the far left column in Address Book there are two groups already there. One is for All Contacts and the other for Last Import. To create a new one, click on the + button in the bottom left of that column and a new group folder will appear. Name it. Drag the appropriate cards into it from the Name column. You are not removing the cards from the Name column, just creating pointers back to the contacts. Then the next time you want to send an email to the people in that group you open Mail, select New Message, and in the To field enter the name of that group folder. All the email addresses of the group members will be included for your message. Of course, if someone in your group doesn’t have an email address it won’t work for them.

We still have not covered all the things that Address Book will do for you. I hope you will be inspired to see what else you can find for yourself. Enjoy.


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