Office for iPad Rumor Surfaces Again

Rumors surfaced in November 2011 that Microsoft was developing a version of its Office Suite for the iPad, and now those reports have new life thanks to word that the suite is close to being submitted to the App Store for approval. Just like the earlier rumors, the new report comes courtesy of anonymous sources speaking with The Daily.

Office for the iPad? Maybe.Office for the iPad? Maybe.

This time, however, The Daily got to take a look at a development version of the app. They said Word, Excel and PowerPoint files can be edited on an iPad or via the Internet, and that it sports a Metro-like interface. Since Metro is Microsoft’s new mobile device interface, and will be part of Windows 8 for PCs, it’s no surprise that the company chose it for the iPad, too.

When the Office for iPad rumor surfaced last November, Microsoft representatives said, “We already deliver Office on multiple platforms and devices and are committed to expanding in the future, but have nothing further to share today.”

Microsoft’s response didn’t confirm that Office for the iPad was in development, but at the same time it didn’t confirm that it wasn’t. Assuming the company is working on an iPad version of its productivity suite, Apple’s multimedia tablet could become even more enticing in the business world. 

The Mac Observer has contacted Microsoft asking for clarification on its plans for Office for the iPad.