Office for Mac SP2 Update Released, Fixes Outlook Corruption

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Office for Mac SP2 Update

After pulling Office for Mac 2011 Service Pack 2 v14.2 on Monday due to Outlook database corruption issues, Microsoft released v14.2.1 of the software today, correcting the Outlook database issue, among other fixes. The update is recommended for all users of Office for Mac 2011, regardless of whether they installed the first iteration of Service Pack 2.

After releasing Service Pack 2 on April 12, some Outlook users began to experience database corruption. The company offered instructions on how to manually correct the issue and pulled the Service Pack 2 update from its AutoUpdate service.

Today’s update resolves the corruption issue for Service Pack 2 users who have not manually corrected their Outlook database corruption, as well prevents the issue from occurring for users who have not yet updated. From the update’s Knowledge Base entry:

When you first start Microsoft Outlook after you install Office for Mac 2011 Service Pack 2 (SP2), you have to upgrade the Office database. If any corrupted files are detected during the database upgrade, the database utility runs. The database utility rebuilds the Office database. After the process is complete, the database upgrade restarts when you start Outlook. After the database upgrade is complete, Outlook starts.

Today’s update requires Service Pack 1 (v14.1.0) and weighs in at 110 MB. It is available for download via Microsoft Office’s AutoUpdate and the Microsoft Website’s Download Center.

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Hopefully it will also fix the issue of Outlook hanging for long periods while it is checking for mail. It does not handle that gracefully at all.


Alas, no. And now Outlook crashes after about 2 minutes.


What is your setup? Are you using an Exchange server or does your office use Outlook to access an outside e-mail provider?

I ask because my company uses Outlook to access an outside e-mail service because it came with Office. I immediately switched to Thunderbird and it works great.

FWIW I don’t like Outlook at all.


It is an externally hosted Exchange server. MS is already contacting me.


Oh well. In that case Outlook would be best. Hope you get it working.

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