'Official iPhone 5 Video' Is Brilliant, But We Call Fake

A video has been posted to YouTube claiming to be the "Official iPhone 5 Promo Video for September 12 2012." It's a brilliantly made video, but we're calling it a fake. With the world holding its breath in anticipation of Apple's media event on Wednesday, fake or not, it's worth a looksee.

Rendered iPhone 5 Models in Fake Video

Frame from Fake iPhone 5 Video

The video was spotted by iPhoneTeam, who posted it with the same title given the video by Peter Jideonwo on YouTube, "official iPhone 5 promo video."

As noted above, the video is well made, but several red flags leap out to grab our attention. The video is much longer than a usual Apple promo video without a voiceover. It also lists a bunch of specs such as RAM and processor specifics that Apple tends to leave out of its marketing material (and sometimes even refuses to acknowledge).

More damning, however, is the fact that all of the product shots are rendered, as shown in the frame capture above, something Apple never does. Instead the company uses real products, sometimes with rendered screen content.

So it's fake, but it's fun, and impressive in the amount of work it must have required to make. Give it a watch:

"Official iPhone 5 Promo Video for September 12 2012"