Official Mac OS 7 Apple Playing Cards for Auction

It turns out your collection of Apple memorabilia isn’t complete: For auction on Ebay is a deck of Apple-branded playing cards released to mark the icons used in Mac OS 7 (or possibly Mac OS 7.6) purchased in 1997 at Apple’s campus store. The cards are currently bid at £225 (US$364.87), with a bit less than 6 days left to go in the auction.

The cards feature Bombs, Clocks, Mac Face and Trash Cans instead of Clubs, Hearts, Diamonds and Spades, as you can see in the photo below. The owner says that the deck has been opened and viewed, but never played, adding, “There are no creases or bends in any card, and they are perfectly clean and white.”

For those not familiar with Apple’s past marketing practices, the company used to issue a variety of Apple and Mac-branded gear used by the sales team as swag and/or sold at the store on Apple’s Cupertino campus.

Most of that ended when Steve Jobs came back as CEO in 1997, save for material specifically tied to the company’s marketing campaigns, like Think Different posters and similar posters Apple used to give away at Macworld. Today, Apple fans can buy shirts, coats, mugs, notebooks, pens, and desktop accessories at the campus store.

This reporter has never seen a deck of cards like this before, and we’d like to thank MacStories for the heads up on the auction.

Apple Playing Cards

Photo from Ebay auction of Apple playing cards