Old Navy Tries on Apple’s iOS Sales System

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Clothing retailer Old Navy has begun trying out Apple’s iPod touch-based point of sale system in its own stores. Apple has been using the custom POS setup in its own stores for some time, and this marks the first time the Mac and iPhone maker has let another retailer try out the system.

According to 9 to 5 Mac, a company spokesperson commented “I can confirm that we are piloting Apple’s iPod based POS system at a few of our Old Navy stores.”

Previously, Apple had been rumored to be working on a plan to offer its portable POS system to other retailers. With the move into at least some Old Navy locations, it looks like Apple is finally moving forward with that plan.

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Doug Grinbergs

Seems so odd that Apple would get *out* of the server business even as it moves forward with projects like this.


Odd? How many X-Serves are they selling a quarter?

Constable Odo

I’m surprised analysts didn’t suggest it sooner that Apple cast off XServe hardware.  Analysts are always quick to point out that companies shouldn’t carry products that no longer sell in high numbers.  There are so many analysts suggesting that Apple get rid of iPods because they’re not selling as well as they were before the iPhone came along.

Maybe Apple just figures that the MacMini or Mac Pro is good enough to be used as a server for smaller businesses that they hope to target.  Although the Mac Pro doesn’t have the form factor of an XServe, I’m sure it’s capable of becoming very reliable server hardware.

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