OMG: My Local Microsoft Store Accepts Apple Pay-Almost

We were planning to stop at Best Buy on the way home. But...

Image credit: Microsoft.

There I was in the local mall with my wife. She needed an extra USB hub for use with her college's notebook PC. [Don't worry; she also has a MacBook Air.] We thought, why not try the Microsoft store first? That's because we couldn't find just the right USB hub at Best Buy the last time we were there. We could save a trip.

The Microsoft store at Park Meadows Mall in Lone Tree, Colorado is a very nice store. It has pretty good wall of essential accessories, and we found a splendid Belkin 3-port USB hub for not much money.

The sales staff was extraordinarily helpful, and a friendly clerk started the checkout process. Just because I'm a perverse sort of fellow, I asked...

John: Do you accept Apple Pay?

Salesman: Yes we do!

He walked over to a wooden table, pulled a drawer open, and there was one of those point-of-sale terminals with the display, electronic pen, keypad and, lo and behold, the NFC symbol.

John: This is very interesting. I never thought a Microsoft store would accept Apple Pay!

Salesman: [with a smile] Money is money!

So I prepared my Apple Watch for Apple Pay and leaned over, almost touching the terminal.

Nothing happened.

I tried my iPhone 6s.

Nothing happened.

Salesman: It was working before. Don't know what's wrong. I guess you'll have to swipe your card.

I did, it worked, and we were on our way.

I commented to my wife on the way out. Wow. This is brilliant. Microsoft is doing more and more cool things.

Spouse: Money is money.