Omni Group Brings OmniPlan to the iPad

The Omni Group announced the immediate availability of OmniPlan for the iPd on Thursday. OmniPlan is the last of the company’s apps to migrate to the iPad, and like the company’s other titles, offers data syncing with its Mac counterpart.

OmniPlan is a project planning and organization management tool that offers task tracking, task scheduling, and project collaboration.

OmniPlan, now available for the iPadOmniPlan, now available for the iPad

The app includes support for sharing project files, and collaborators can all make changes to the documents. Files can be synced via WebDAV servers, including The Omni Group’s free Omni Sync Server. Projects can also be synced with OmniPlan 2.0 for the Mac.

OmniPlan for the Mac is available at The Omni Group’s website, or as a download through the Mac App Store for US$199.

Tasks can be scheduled from start dates or scheduled backwards from end dates, and the Smart Scheduling feature gracefully handles changes in resource or project scheduling. OmniPlan supports resource management for tools and people, splitting tasks in projects to work around scheduling issues, assigning start and end times for tasks based on the status of other tasks, and filters for refining which parts of a project you see.

OmniPlan for the iPad is priced at US$49.99 and is available at Apple’s iTunes-based App Store.