Omni Group Commits to Five Apps for Mac App Store

The Omni Group announced by way of Twitter Thursday that it would be bringing five of its Mac OS X software titles to the Mac App Store. CEO Ken Case said that all five apps his company is bringing to iPad will also be available for purchase through the Mac App Store.

Apple announced the Mac App Store during a media event on Wednesday, October 20th. The Mac App Store will be curated by Apple the same way it controls content on the App Store for iOS devices. Unlike with iOS devices, however, Mac OS X users will still be able to buy, download, and install software from other places, too.

Developers will be cutting Apple in for 30% of each sale, which is the same deal Apple offers iOS developers, record labels, and the networks and studios that sell TV shows and movies through iTunes.

The Omni Group is one of the first Mac development firms that has committed to the Mac App Store. The company currently offers OmniFocus, OmniGraffle, and OmniGraphSketcher for the iPad, with two more on the way.

Ken Case Tweet

Tweet from Omni Group CEO Ken Case.