Omni Group Rolls Out OmniGraffle, OmniGraphSketcher for iPad

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The OmniGroup announced the immediate availability of OmniGraffle and OmniGraphSketcher for the iPad on Friday. OmniGraffle is a diagram and concept visualization app, and OmniGraphSketcher lets users quickly create graphs and data plots.

OmniGraffle for iPad

OmniGraffle for iPad uses multi-touch gestures to create and modify vector objects, build diagrams and other layouts, displays automatic guides, supports automatic layout to arrange objects for you, supports OmniGraffle stencils, and is compatible with OmniGraffle files for Mac OS X.

OmniGraphSketcher for iPad

OmniGraphSketcher supports creating and editing data points and lines, can build curves, offers shading to call out important areas in your graphs, and is compatible with OmniGraphSketcher for Mac OS X.

OmniGraffle for iPad is priced at US$49.99 and OmniGraphSketcher for iPad costs $14.99. Both are available at Apple’s iTunes-based App Store.

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$50 is absurb. This equates to 10% of the iPad price. C’mon Omnigroup, and use fair pricing .


App price versus hardware cost isn’t a fair comparison.  It costs $100 for the computer version of OmniGraffle, and if you compare it with the cheapest Mac (about $999), it’s 10% of that cost.

But look at MS Office 2007 (standard edition).  It cost $399.95 and you can often get a PC for cheaper than that.  So you argument would be that Office is overpriced because it can cost more than 100% of the hardware cost—actually, i think Office is overpriced, but not based on hardware cost.


I paid my $100 for OG on the Mac with a big smile on my face, but $50 to be able to use it while I’m sitting on the toilet as well?  Give me a break.

If Omni is going to charge top-shelf prices for their iPad ware, they should at least cut those of us who’ve bought the desktop version a break on the price.


We can’t realistically expect business level software for $10. Apple is selling iWork for $10 per app in order to add value to the iPad. $50 seems fair to me for all that OmniGraffle does. I use it quite a bit, and I like knowing that my Mac files will be compatible, and that it will do much of what my Mac version does.

I do agree with Marty, though; some cross-grade path would be nice for current users.


Apple sells each of it’s iWorks apps for $10 of which each is as competent as Omni Groups Omnigraffle. We need to reduce cost of OG so it’s moreNIn line with equivalent apps


Apple sells each of it?s iWorks apps for $10 of which each is as competent as Omni Groups Omnigraffle. We need to reduce cost of OG so it?s moreNIn line with equivalent apps

Didn’t realize that you work for OmniGroup, Mike* - it’s nice of you to offer to drop the selling price. When do you think the app store will reflect the new price?



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