Omni Group Ships OmniFocus for iPad

| Product News

The Omni Group announced the immediate availability of Omni Focus for iPad on Friday. The iPad version of the task management app includes an interface designed just for Apple’s multimedia tablet device and supports syncing with the Mac and iPhone versions of OmniFocus, too.

OmniFocus for iPad includes task organization, a Quick Entry mode, support for attaching audio and photos to tasks, includes context and work mode, and can show phone-related tasks grouped together. Tasks can be grouped into folders and projects, just like the Mac version of OmniFocus, too.

The iPad version also includes a Forecast view showing a weekly view of due items, can display tasks for a single day, show over due tasks, and show the week’s tasks in a single to-do list. A Review mode supports checking the status of projects as well as marking tasks as active, on hold or dropped.

OmniFocus for the iPad is priced at US$39.99 and is available at Apple’s iTunes-based App Store, although it may take some time before the iTunes Store servers show the app.



Another $40 for an existing iPhone program I already own… When will developers stop biting the hand that feeds them?


Price a little more aggressively, please?! I’ve already purchased the mac and iPhone versions. I’ll be thinking hard on whether I get this one and future products… Make the decision easy, drop the price or figure out how to offer discounts to existing users instead of punishing them!

Adam Christianson

You have to realize that as much, if not more, development time and resources go into creating a quality iPad application as it does for creating the desktop app. In order for a company like Omni to continue to develop at this level they need to make a profit. An app like OmniFocus helps save time and time is money. If you purchase all 3 versions at their current prices then your total cost is about $140.00 ($80 for desktop + $20 for iPhone + $40 for iPad). If you value your time at at least $50/hr (and you should) then if owning all 3 versions of the app saves you 3 hours of time, your investment has paid for itself. Owning and using OmniFocus can make you 3 hours more productive in a week, so the cost should be recouped quickly. Customer loyalty comes from buying products from a company you like and not expecting lower prices or freebies in return.

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