Omni Group Ships OmniGraphSketcher for Presentation-Ready Graphs

The Omni Group announced Wednesday the release of a new product, OmniGraphSketcher, a tool for building graphs the company said are presentation-ready. The app uses illustration-type controls and tools to build graphs for reports, problem sets, and other presentations.

The software can also plot data sets imported from spreadsheets and text files, or users can enter data by hand. The graphs can then by output in PNG or JPEG formats for use online, or as a PDF.

Once a graph is created, users can customize it through click and drag options directly on the canvas, including colors, font, and other layout options.

OmniGraphSketcher is for Mac OS X 10.5 "Leopard," and is priced at US$29.95. The Omni Group offers a 14-day trial version, as well.

Annotated graph from OmniGraphSketcher
An annotated graph produced in OmniGraphSketcher