OmniOutliner 3.9 Adds Auto-save, More

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The OmniGroup's OmniOutliner Pro 3.9 rolled out on Thursday with support for Apple's auto-save feature and the ability to export to Microsoft's Open XML format.

The update also added support for in-application update installation, improved OmniGraphSketcher compatibility, Quick Look previews have been improved, the Japanese localization was updated, several bugs were fixed, and more.

OmniOutliner Pro 3.9 is priced at US$69.95. OmniOutliner 3.9 costs $39.95, but doesn't include Open XML support. The updates are free for version 3.x users and are available for download at the OmniGroup Web site.

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Could someone elaborate (or provide a link) on what “Apple’s auto-save feature” is?  Nice to know OmniOutliner now supports it ... but what is it?  More specifically, what’s different/special here over any garden-variety, application-specific auto-save feature?


I’m going to take a guess that it’s a special AppleEvent that gets sent to your app prior to logging you out. If you handle the event properly, your app will save the dirty documents without user intervention and restore them when your app is started again.


Jeff Gamet

Thanks for posting the link to Apple’s auto-save info, jbruni. You rock.



Yes, thanks for the info - it makes much more sense now that the Omni folks would think it significant.

Now if Apple themselves would just enhance the new “notes” feature in Mail to use this same auto-save feature ... so next time I wouldn’t lose two days worth of line-by-line notes I had made for myself in a “Note” in - and hadn’t closed or manually saved, since it was unimaginable that, in this day & age, an information entry utility such as Mail wouldn’t do an auto-save!  And then my system froze, I had to reboot, and had no record of my notes other than that the (empty) Note had been created.  Grrr.  (Well, *I* won’t lose such info again whether they add it or not, since now I manually save (CMD-S) a note any time I touch it!  But still ....)


TopXNotes ( is not an outliner per se, it is more of a general note manager, but I think TopXNotes has had this feature since the day it shipped version 1.0 years ago.

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