OmniOutliner Comes to the iPad

The OmniGroup announced the immediate availability of OmniOutliner for the iPad on Thursday. Like the Mac OS X version of the app, users can build sophisticated outlines, take notes, and organize information, and files are compatible with OmniOutliner 3 for the Mac.

OmniOutliner for the iPadOmniOutliner for the iPad

OmniOutliner for the iPad supports multiple data columns, the ability to reorganize outline items, and importing OPML files. Columns can be formatted for specific data types such as dates, duration, numbers, pop-up lists, and check boxes.

The application also supports rich text styling, the ability to attach images to outline entries, can upload files to MobileMe and WebDAV servers, emailed, and exported as HTML, plain text, or OPML.

OmniOutliner for the iPad is priced at US$19.99 and is available at Apple’s iTunes-based App Store.