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What’s it like to be Steve Jobs’s neighbor? Writing for The Palo Alto Patch, Lisen Stromberg offered her thoughts on just that question, and what made it so enjoyable for us to read was that it had little to do with Steve Jobs, Tech Titan & World Changer™, but rather about Steve Jobs, the neighbor, the parent, and the guy who lives down the street.

Steve Jobs, Neighbor

Steve Jobs, Neighbor

There have been a lot of essays, blog posts, letters, and articles penned about Steve Jobs since he announced last week that he was stepping down as CEO of Apple. Many of those have offered insight on just how it is that he has been able to have such an impact not only on his own company and its customers, but on the direction and decisions made at other companies, too.

This one, however, is a great reminder that Steve Jobs is a father with a family, and a man who is involved with his children’s schools and his neighbors.

“It was at Halloween not long after when I realized he actually knew my name (yes, my name!),” she wrote. “He and his wife put on a darn scary haunted house (to be specific, a haunted garden). He was sitting on the walkway, dressed like Frankenstein. As I walked by with my son, Steve smiled and said, “Hi Lisen.” My son thought I was the coolest mom in town when he realized The Steve Jobs knew me. “

She added, “Thanks for the coolness points, Steve.”

Rather than quoting more of the article, we’d like to encourage you to read it for yourself.

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Wow, what a great article. Makes it even harder to deal with those that throw insults about Steve so easily. Thanks Bryan.

Lee Dronick

We are all human.


Harry said:  We are all human.

We often forget that, wrapped up in our own emotions, worldview and opinions, sometimes not so tactfully or politely expressed.

This story made me want to send a thank you card to Steve for all the great products, changes of my opinions that he catalyzed, and the great Pixar movies he enabled (My faves were Monsters, Inc, Ratatouille, Finding Nemo, WALL-E, and Up).

Now where are those thank-you cards?

Lee Dronick

Now where are those thank-you cards?

In Mail choose “Show Stationery” smile


Maybe instead of saying “Hi Lisen”, he was saying “iListen”. An unreleased dictating product? smile


Harry quipped: In Mail choose ?Show Stationery?

Just dropped an actual physical card at the post office. Usually a card you can hold is better than an email, even a fancy stationery email, especially if you’re not up and about.

Thanks were also in order for AAPL’s stock price. My first purchase was in 1996, when pundits said Apple was almost dead. But I believed in what Apple (and Steve) were doing: those shares, since splits, cost the equivalent of $3.90 each and are today over $384.00 each.

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