Online Ad Firm Estimates iPad Sales Have Topped 1 Million [Updated]

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Apple’s iPad hit store shelves on April 3, and if data from the online advertising firm Chitika is accurate, sales of the multimedia tablet have already topped a million units.

The company based its estimate on the number of iPads it has been tracking through its ad tracking system. Chitika has been using cookies to track iPad and to attempt to keep from tracking the same iPad more than once.

The data Chitika has been collecting also shows an interesting distribution of iPads around the United States. California tops the list with 19.12 percent of tracked iPads, New York comes in second with 8.3 percent, and Texas follows in third with 8 percent. North and South Dakota are near the tail end of the list with .14 percent and .13 percent respectively, Montana accounts for 0.08 percent of tracked iPads, and Wyoming comes in at the bottom of the list with 0.03 percent of the tracked iPads.

Apple reported selling over 300,000 iPads on the first day it was available, and sales topped 450,000 after five days. By April 14, Apple announced that over 500,000 iPads had been sold, and said that international sales would be delayed because of high demand in the U.S.

Apple hasn’t announced yet that it has topped a million iPad sales yet, so Chitika’s should be taken for what they are: estimates. Based on Apple’s official iPad sales numbers so far, however, an announcement that a million units have been sold can’t be too far away.

[This article has been updated with additional information about iPad distribution in the U.S.]


Lee Dronick

And how many buyers are holding out for the 3G version.


LOTS. In fact, probably the other 3-5 million.

Ashley Grayson

I was in one of the smaller Apple Retail stores yesterday as they were closing (6PM on Sunday). One of the salespeople told me they’d received new WiFi units in recently but were sold out by 4PM on Sunday. The store was the most packed that I’ve ever seen it with most of the crowd fondling iPads and 13” MacBook Pros. For the first time in several visits since release, I didn’t have to wait 5 to 10 minutes to touch any of the 15” models. <g>


The IPad is a useless device. If you want to burn your money, be my guest.

Sales are slow because people do not fin the device very useful.

The 3G version is more expensive (considering the contract that you need to pay for), so it will not sell as many.

The IPad is just bubble of hype with little follow through.


Dear JP.
  A bit of advice.
  Time is money. 
And, as they say “lost time is not found again”.

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