OnLive Gaming Comes to the iPad

OnLive’s Internet-based video game service took a step to the small screen with the release of an iPad, iPhone and iPod touch-compatible app. OnLive’s games work like a cloud service where the titles are played through remote servers and user’s computers — or in this case the iPad — act as the game screen and control system.

OnLive for the iPadOnLive for the iPad

Many of OnLive’s games are playable on iOS devices now, and the company is working to update games that aren’t compatible up to speed. Depending on the game, players can use taps and gestures, on-screen controls, or OnLive’s US$49.99 game controller. The controller is compatible with the Mac and Windows PCs, too.

Users can’t buy games in-app, so they’ll have to make a trip to the OnLive website for that.

OnLive for the iPad requires iOS 3.2 or higher. It is available for free at Apple’s iTunes-based App Store.