OnLive Gaming Comes to the iPad

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OnLive’s Internet-based video game service took a step to the small screen with the release of an iPad, iPhone and iPod touch-compatible app. OnLive’s games work like a cloud service where the titles are played through remote servers and user’s computers — or in this case the iPad — act as the game screen and control system.

OnLive for the iPadOnLive for the iPad

Many of OnLive’s games are playable on iOS devices now, and the company is working to update games that aren’t compatible up to speed. Depending on the game, players can use taps and gestures, on-screen controls, or OnLive’s US$49.99 game controller. The controller is compatible with the Mac and Windows PCs, too.

Users can’t buy games in-app, so they’ll have to make a trip to the OnLive website for that.

OnLive for the iPad requires iOS 3.2 or higher. It is available for free at Apple’s iTunes-based App Store.

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This announcement is wrong. You can only play on Android tablets. The iOS app is view only. I asked their technical support and they confirmed that. For some reason they decided to develop the app for tablets with 10% of the market instead of 90%.


Your comment is only partially correct.  It is true that OnLive is Android-only RIGHT NOW. Other outlets have reported that the iPad App is currently being approved.  It should be in the App Store shortly.


I’m stunned that OnLive seems to be the first company to actually get a real (hardware, wireless) controller to work with games on the iPad!

It’s kind of mind-boggling, since the iPad already has BlueTooth built into it, and since touchscreen controls are mediocre for many games.

Wireless controller support also appears to allow multiplayer gaming on a single iPad, which is terrific!

Congrats to (QuickTime and WebTV progenitor) Steve Perlman and company for getting this to work. Other developers - and Apple - should take note!

On a PC or Mac you can use a regular Xbox 360 controller with OnLive - this seems better than having to buy a special OnLive controller.


For some reason they decided to develop the app for tablets with 10% of the market instead of 90%.

I expect that OnLive will be a “killer app” for otherwise marginal Android tablets.

OnLive also works over LTE on Android phones and tablets - a big advantage over current iOS devices which can only run OnLive over WiFi.

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